2009 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition

August 31, 2009


If you had the chance to visit the 2009 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition at the Agora gallery in NYC you would have been in for a real treat. If you haven’t, there are still a couple of days left before the show closes.

The exhibition, that opened August 14 and runs through September 2, featured nearly 30 artists from around the world and the collection was a vibrant mix of media from photography to sculpture,  the surreal to the conservative.  The artists of the competition often represented the countries and communities they hailed from, each piece reflecting a little of humanity’s many-faceted soul.

We definitely had our favorites, but the show as a whole was a spectacular demonstration of collective work from talented artists worldwide.

To view the ArtistsinAuction website click here.

Kathy Liao

Kathy Liao

Charles Imbro

Charles Imbro

Judith Kramer

Judith Kramer

Andre Netto

Andre Netto

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