Road trips have always been a favorite way to explore this vast country of ours. What better way to experience the varied landscape, urban and rural space and inherent local flavor than by car.

The Whitney’s latest installment, America by Car, takes us on a tour across country with renowned photographer Lee Friedlander. We pass through vibrant cities, one-horse towns, scenic backdrops, and encounter loads of welcoming citizens, all of which are visualized through the camera lens, as well as the car window.

In each of the black and white square-framed pieces, mostly taken between 2004 and 2008, Friedlander gives us a glimpse of our fabled country, in addition to the interior of his rental car – rear view mirror, dashboard, gear shift, and seat belts. The entirety of the exhibit exudes a mystical quality, although somewhat tedious at times (192 images), and a vivid snapshot of life on the road.