Saturday night was the opening reception for Dreamer’s Rendezvous, a group show at the A-forest Gallery in NYC’s midtown area.  We were proud to view the most recent work of our very own featured photographer, Mike Lindwasser.

Outside of the traditional Chelsea gallery neighborhood, the empty, dark street was a contrast to the bright, inviting feeling of the small gallery.  The show highlighted wonderful works in photography, painting, pen and mixed media by six different artists.

It was intriguing to see what Mike had been working on since we brought him on board at ArtistsinAuction.  Although he’s a local guy, (born and raised in NY, living in Jersey), Mike has been traveling a great deal.  His current photography is a reflection of his latest journeys to Japan (where he participated in another group show) and Mexico.

Mike prefers to shoot many of his pieces at night, without the aid (or as he might say, distraction) of lighting.  He works with long exposures, sometimes up to 30 seconds at a time, which create surreal-like images with a ghostly lighting effect.  One of our favorites at the show was of a tree Mike had photographed in Japan. The consequence of the extended exposure created a “whitening” that gave the appearance of a photo taken at midday.

Mike is also a transformation artist, manipulating everyday objects into surreal images by shooting from below.  Many of the pieces in our current auction, from the Building and Truck series, are small slivers of places or things encountered everyday.  But, by pointing upward, Mike creates an entirely new perspective, forcing the viewer to take a second look.

City of lightsrainbow Sky

Lately, Mike’s preferred work is his Truck series, a personal favorite of ours as well. Most of the images were shot in yards around his New Jersey home. Once he had mastered entering the areas at night without getting caught he discovered fabulous details and vibrant colors that called out to him.

Galactic Truck

Galactic Truck



Previously displayed at a show at the Brooklyn Collective, our December 5th Auction will mark the first time these exciting pieces have been offered for sale.  We know you’ll love them as much as we do.

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