Pink Sofa

Pink Sofa


As the middle child in a family of eight kids growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, you would not expect that Darrell Jones would have had the chance to pursue a career in art. But he did, thanks to a mom who encouraged him to proceed. Jones recalls drawing and sketching as early as kindergarten and remembers getting into trouble when he fashioned gestures of his teachers.

Jones went on to Jackson State in Mississippi where he took his first painting class.  Because he was really into comic books, he later moved to Los Angeles and attended the Art Institute of California, studying animation and cartooning. He started working on numerous storyboards and got some coloring gigs to help pay the bills.

Abstract and Animation

Darrell moved to Atlanta to get a “real” job, but ironically that was the turning point in his art. He passed a homeless shelter that had an art gallery and he immediately got inspired to paint again. First he began painting pure abstracts, but soon moved on to scenes and backgrounds. It was then that he created his true style, fusing the abstract with animation. He says his style is kind of like when you look through the camera lens and see awkward angles. In the same way, his work tends to evoke a sense of distortion.


Darrell likes strong color, lots of action and never draws lines. He is inspired by every day life and simple experiences. He carries a sketchbook with him everywhere he goes and constantly gets new ideas. All of Jones’ paintings are acrylic on wood.

Series Painting

Many a time Darrell Jones paints in series – houses, fruit, jazz – to help him to avoid creativity blockage.

“Green House” was created during a routine walk to work. He used to leave his apartment and would always pass this old house in someone’s backyard. Was it an outhouse? It didn’t matter that the paint was peeling and that the structure was old and a little run down.  Soon after he passed by another house – White House – on his way to the train station, and a series was hatched.

Green House

Green House

The “Going Green” series are all of inner city buildings that were inspired by watching the news on TV and hearing all this information about saving the planet. All these paintings have some sort of green in them. They also used recycled paint – when the paint dries up on his palette, instead of throwing it away Jones reuses it, piling it up on the canvas and painting over it.

building 2

“Shoes” are part of another series that depict everyday people in different circumstances. The old adage “you can tell a lot about someone by the shoes they wear” helped to kick off  this series. Jones says that he went to some thrift stores and started making sketches of old shoes.



Tough Times

Darrell has been working diligently. He has been painting a lot since he hasn’t been working and has been averaging five pieces per month. He just recently finished another series of raised fists, all motivated by the recent campaign rallies.

Darrell is a closet artist and is slowly emerging to the public. It’s been real tough getting into galleries, but he has been making some money on pastel and oil portrait sketches. He was successful in our last auction and we hope the momentum continues this time around as well.

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