Highlights of ArtistsinAuction’s Reception

November 24, 2009


We were thrilled to see such a great turnout of art aficionados at our preauction reception last Thursday in lower Manhattan.

More than 100 guests attended the event to see the works of several of our NewYork based artists, including Tom Smith, Mike Lindwasser, Dulcie Dee, Sean Parrott, EGSilberman, Robin Antar, Alex White-Mazzarella, Zeke Berman, Marilyn Weiss and Joni Diskint.  A great time was had by all as many of our talented artists were also in attendance to answer questions and share in conversation and cocktails.

All of their wonderful and varied pieces are available for sale, as are those by our many other talented artists across the country – and all at extremely affordable prices! We are currently featuring a wide array of media – photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media,  so there is truly something for everyone irrespective of taste.

Our auction date is soon approaching and it’s still not too late to bid on work that you love. Or perhaps purchase a piece for someone else – art makes for a  fabulous gift idea!

Please visit www.artistsinauction.com to view our complete roster of artists and browse through our catalog to see the entire collection of artwork we are offering for sale.

Untitled (magician) by Tom Smith

Floral #2 by EGSilberman

Picnic by R. Gene Barbera


"Her " by Monika Agic


"Competition of Forms 2" by Robin Antar


"Blue" by Roshan Houshmand

swimmer 23 30x42

"The Swimmer #23" by Paul Sierra

In and OUT

"IN and OUT" by Marilyn Weiss


"Green House" by Darrell Jones

after dark my sweet

"After Dark My Sweet" by J. Kieran McGonnell


"Untitled" by John Phillip Davis


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Art is truly for everyone – and everyone can appreciate art.

3 Responses to “Highlights of ArtistsinAuction’s Reception”

  1. Wonderful-I sincerely wish you all the best1
    miles baker Clown Artist

  2. Rich said

    That’s a very good turnout. Glad to hear it was a success.

  3. Indigene said

    Congrats! It sounds like it was a winner, and the ambiance of the pictures looks like a good time was had by all!

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