ArtistsinAuction online catalog is LIVE!

November 2, 2009



ArtistsinAuction is proud to announce that our December 5th online auction catalog is now Live!!

Browse through a wide array of media – photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media – and place bids on pieces of interest. It’s a fantastic way to start or expand a collection of great art.

You can view our catalog directly or go to our website and connect through the “Bid in Auction” button at the top of every page. Remember, you will need to register in order to become an active bidder. Once you have done so, you may place preauction bids at any time. On December 5th, the live online auction will take place, at which time all bids will become final.

We encourage you to take advantage of the many affordable pieces of fabulous artwork we have on offer by our select group of talented artists from across the US.

To view the ArtistsinAuction website click here.


"Her " by Monika Agic


"Competition of Forms 2" by Robin Antar


"Blue" by Roshan Houshmand

swimmer 23 30x42

"The Swimmer #23" by Paul Sierra

In and OUT

"IN and OUT" by Marilyn Weiss


"Green House" by Darrell Jones

after dark my sweet

"After Dark My Sweet" by J. Kieran McGonnell


"Untitled" by John Phillip Davis


"Picnic" by R. Gene Barbera

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