Our Featured Artist of the Week – EGSilberman

October 30, 2009

Evan in studio


Growing up Evan Graham Silberman (EGSilberman) never believed he could really become an artist, that is, as a true profession. He is still not sure it is possible, yet it is his dream.

In college he focused on advertising where he did loads of “art” work. And at one stage, when he began writing novels, he found painting to be a terrific release.

At first he worked on glass, building layers to the top surface and honing what would become his signature style – textured dimensionality. As glass became precarious (it breaks very easily), he discovered acetate, a great medium in which the artist can slowly form and build a piece, and with the similar ability that allows light to reflect through the surface.

The joy of light

All of EGSilberman’s work has a certain sparkle and joy based on light and texture. He uses acrylics to build dimensionality and acetate to capture light. At distinct times of the day his pieces often take on a different perspective, allowing the viewer to experience the light.

His work clearly expresses form over the literal. Take “Woman Form” for example. The piece starts with an actual hard plastic shape that a friend discovered. He applied his special white pigment paint and added adornments to create a lovely piece of sculpture.

Woman Form

Woman Form

In “Red Aquatic,” and most of his recent work, he creates a depth in which each part of the painting conveys a particular shadow. The piece is multi-dimensional, texturally-minded, and essentially built to play with light.

Floral #2

Floral #2

Red Aquatic

Red Aquatic

“Blue Woman” and “Chair Woman” are earlier works that focus more on the classic image than on dimensionality, while “Grapes,” a classic still life piece, is one of the few flat works in his repertoire.

Blue Woman

Blue Woman

Chair Woman

Chair Woman

A working apartment

Evan’s studio is a working apartment, as opposed to the other way around. Close to 500 pieces from more than 10 years of working are meticulously placed in every possible corner, nook and cranny.

Evan studio

He doesn’t really display his pieces much, in fact he hardly ever formally showcases his work as self promotion is not in his nature. Evan continues to write and work as a freelance advertising specialist, but is hopeful that his art will be more recognized in the future. We are very optimistic.

To view the ArtistsinAuction website click here.

To view more of EGSilberman’s work, click here.

6 Responses to “Our Featured Artist of the Week – EGSilberman”

  1. kseverny said

    very impressive work.
    he is clearly a very talented artist.

  2. Laura said

    My daughter has a piece of work by this artist and it is one of her favorite things.

  3. August said


  4. Stephen said

    i have a wall piece by this artist hanging in my weekend place in the country and a decorated candle in my nyc apartment. check out his website for a much better selection of “junk” surfaces from old purses to fabric to furniture. they are a great addition to any environment.

  5. Elaine said

    I have numerous pieces by this artist and have been following his career for a few years. I’m really impressed with is pet portraits. His website is great so go to http://www.egsilberman.com to see more of his work. I have pieces of his in my NYC apartment, my Florida home and my place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My family also has pieces of his in their homes around the country.

  6. Andrew Hearn said

    I have always loved Evan’s art and have several pieces in my home and they carry great meaning

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