Our Featured Artist of the Week – Roshan Houshmand

October 16, 2009



If travel is the key to art, then artist Roshan Houshmand has successfully unlocked the door to creativity.

Born in the Philippines, where she lived for eight years, Houshmand then moved to Iran, her native land. While she currently lives in upstate New York, she has resided in no less than half a dozen places all over the world, including New York City, New Mexico and Arizona. But, Barcelona, Spain, where she lived for ten years, was the most important place in her life as an artist.

The early years

When Housmand was a child her dad used to manage a paint factory. She fondly remembers her love of playing with the many samples at a very early age. Once she attended art classes, she began to dabble in many facets of the arts – painting, sculpture, lithography – experiencing it all, but she finally focused on painting.

In college her work was mainly abstract in nature, but her travels lead to new inspiration.

On Travel and Particle Theory

Houshmand believes that travel is essential to her painting because the experiences allow her to absorb different colors and visions and to move out of her comfort zone. She also feels that working under unfamiliar circumstances results in the discovery of different techniques. Currently, she teaches at SUNY Delhi as well as private painting students, many of whom join her for painting workshops each January at a chosen venue in the world.



Her flower series are specific examples of the influence of her travels and they emerged from time spent in the deserts of Arizona. These pieces just burst with color and Houshmand admits that some of the magic is due to the fact that these life forms were so out of context to the surroundings.



Houshmand’s most recent paintings are influenced by physics and, specifically, by a lecture that she attended in the summer of 2005 at Columbia University in New York. She soon began creating black and white pieces based on the following of particle trails, and later shifted the technique to color. She explains that this particular technique is all about painting in the moment.

One example is “Zed,” inspired by the photography of particle trails from bubble chambers. The spirals are trails that signify a certain amount of energy transmission and the title, oddly enough, is based on a wacky Dr. Seuss character.



“Celestial Chamber,” while based on particle trails, includes manipulated lines and conveys a sense of telescopic imagery. The horizontal and vertical lines, as well as the spirals, all remind her of map making.

Celestial Chamber

Celestial Chamber

The Painting is in the Process

“Constellation” and the other dot paintings were done in Nicaragua and are meditative compositions based on schools of fish. While creating this piece and others like it, she found a very soothing feeling in the process.



Houshmand paints everyday and she says the process itself is what gets her inspired. Her work continues to evolve over time and these days she is using much more color. All her pieces are extremely organic and one need not understand physics to gain a spiritual sense from her work.



Black Bird

Black Bird

She sells quite a bit of work off of her website as well as on other online venues, like ArtistsinAuction, and through local galleries. We are thrilled that she has joined us in our venture.

To view the ArtistsinAuction website click here.

To view more of Roshan Houshmand’s work, click here.



3 Responses to “Our Featured Artist of the Week – Roshan Houshmand”

  1. kseverny said

    these are so cool

  2. Nick Garrett said

    While I sense a real subtlety and desire to create something serene, most of the work distances itself from each other. They almost polarise from one urge to another. That is fine, good and healthy.
    However the question is… what is this polarisation saying… hinting at, or even remembering to Roshan. Is she listening.. Because change and drives for renewal in the art process chide a way the whole time and need to be taken on. This work can move somewhere inspirational and potent. The dot art suggests another option all together. I ask the artist how can she move this beyond the compartments of her current moda and into an unknown new form. Unknown to her. That takes a real battle. I sense that bridge is needed to be crossed and crossing the horizon.

  3. morteza said

    hello.mrs houshmand.i am from iran and may be we are family.

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