Tom Smith’s Solo Show DOUBLE VISION

August 29, 2009


We were blown away by Tom Smith’s solo show entitled “Double Vision” at Eye Level BQE Gallery in Williamsburg last Saturday. Our very own-featured artist did a fantastic job of expanding his concept from a one-dimensional body of work into a three- dimensional show. Tom’s recent works, which can only be described as playful, energetic and mesmerizing, translated seamlessly into a series of 3-D sculptures. Tom also showcased a series of photographs featuring his 3-D pieces floating in mid-air. Set against the Manhattan Skyline they offered a surreal perspective of his works. All pieces were stunning and priced reasonably, ranging from $200-$1200. Many happy buyers and collectors walked away with prizes in their hands as the show was nearly sold out. Congratulations Tom!

To view the ArtistsinAuction website click here.

To view more of Tom Smith’s work, click here.

Tom Smith's Solo Show DOUBLE VISION Tom Smith’s Solo Show DOUBLE VISION

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